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for ambitious Entrepreneurs

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you they didn’t find success on their own.

If you want to start or grow your business, you need the help of an experienced mentor.

Building your own business can give you generational wealth, personal freedom, and allow you to create the life of your dreams. But how do you get there? You’ve likely heard a plethora of advice from business experts online, all claiming to bring you fast money and an easy-breezy lifestyle. But the truth is, business isn’t that simple. It takes strategy, determination, and expertise. 


The hardest part about entrepreneurship is that there is a huge learning curve. You have to be ready to fail and try again, over and over. It’s a challenging part of the entrepreneurship journey that you can’t skip over. However, you can lessen the amount of trial and error. When you invest in mentorship with me, you already have 50 years of business experience on your side. 


I’ve been there. I have a lifetime of experience in business. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve achieved multiple big wins. In my mentorship programs, I share all of my knowledge with you, giving you the roadmap to success. 

My courses and live events empower you to:


  • Step into entrepreneurship that is abundant and stable.

  • Be confident in leading your business.

  • Seek out options that help you grow and prosper.


Working with me will help you build the future of your dreams—whatever that looks like for you..

Are You Ready?

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As an experienced wealthy businessman, I mentor fellow entrepreneurs on how to create the business, wealth, and life of their dreams.


Since I retired in 2001 as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of UPS Worldwide Logistics, I have coached many entrepreneurs as well as founded and sold multiple successful companies. Through the years, I’ve gained invaluable wisdom in business something that is hard to attain without a lifetime of experience. Today, I use that knowledge in both life and business to help others on their path to wealthy and fulfilling entrepreneurship. My mission is to help you become more successful, prosperous, and purposeful.


Want to learn more about my story?

Hello, I’m Bob

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Save time and money with experienced and personalized mentorship
Build the business of your dreams

Start Like
an Expert

Business basics for
new entrepreneurs. 

Elite Business Bootcamp


An intense, in-depth course for new and established entrepreneurs ready to scale.

Mastermind Accelerator


All-in-one package

for entrepreneurs

ready to GO BIG.

1:1 Coaching

Personalized mentorship for ambitious and determined business leaders.


Advance your business with tailored mentorship unique to you and your specific business needs.

Each mentorship package includes six months of bi-weekly 1-on-1 mentorship.


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